Lindal Cedar Homes is a world leader in the design and construction of houses made from the Canadian red cedar, or the Tree of Life. The unique characteristics of this cedar, embedded in it by nature and honed by the harsh northern climate of the Pacific coast, have made this tree an ideal material for construction and endowed it with excellent properties that preserve health and longevity.

Over the 75-year history of the company, more than 50,000 classic and modern homes have been built in North America and around the world. In Russia, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, more than 40 projects from 400 to 1500 m2 have already been implemented.

Lindal houses are featured in international publications including Dwell, Inhabitat, Seattle Times, Forbes, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

Lindal Cedar Homes collaborates with respected professionals such as Lindal Architects Collaborative, Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, Turkel Design, David Vandervort Architects of Seattle.

We provide all types of services from the development of an individual project to finishing works and interior decoration services.